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SUECS Industrial Technology Group are mainly organized by industrial veteran professional with distribution presence at 120 industrial city areas in more than 40 countries, and engaged in providing Tailored for Fit 3rd-Party Industrial Technology Management Service especially while they are meeting Challenges/difficulties on Industrial Engineering Projects, Plant Operations & Maintenance, Customer, Market & Supply since 2003.  
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Our Business are mainly involved in Petrochemical, Power & Energy; Pharmaceutical, Foods & Chemicals; Automotive, Electronics, Rubber and Plastics; Steel, Iron & Mining; Textile, Printing & Paper; Machinery, Electrical & Industrial Automation. 

Typical SUECS Major Business 
Project Engineering & Supply Process Management:Most Companies do not often find projects, and may not have enough  specialized people, we can work as 3rd Party to manage due engineering projects and supervising its supply fabricating and delivery process professionally. More refer to:www.suecs.com/page/PPM/index.php

Global Marketing Development & Localized Customer SupportingMost Companies cannot find up global market, and will not provide worldwide customer service yet. However, Small or Middle business can simply promote and distribute their company products worldwide via our Global SCS Accreditation System. More refer to:www.suecs.com/page/CRM/index.php

Plant Operations & Maintenance MRO Supports: 
Companies are simply focusing on regular operating programs, and able to contract MRO works or trouble-shooting activities with very experienced SUECS engineering. More refer to:www.suecs.com/page/Opex/index.php

Global SCS@SME Professional System Experienced Veteran Mostly
Since 2003, we have started to build up one global SCS@SME Professional People System, which has presented and distributed at abound 120 industrial city area in 40 countries.  
      SUECS Worldwide Presence
SUECS China Presence

Global SCS@R Associated System Verified and Reliable

Tailored for Fit MRO Industrial Solution Service

Everyday we are meeting different inquiries from all over the world. So far we have more than 400 Subsidiary, Affiliated, Associated & Accredited Companies or Organization worldwidely. However, we are still welcome more qualified professional people,engineering & technical organizations to join & collaborate with us.  

Steam, Gas Turbine MRO & Spare Parts


Since 2018, we are planning to build up more SUECS Regional Centers worldwidely, in order to provide one integrated workplace with SHOW, SUPPORTS, SALES & SERVICE for SCS@R Accredited Products. 

SUECS Guangdong and Qingdao Centers into Operation

SUECS South Africa Center in Good Progress

Nigeria SME Group working at SUECS Nigeria Center Site SelectionSUECS Suzhou Center invites for Financing Investment

There are many many good products companies, but we can only introduce our well-known ones to our customers. It is encouraged of good products to join SCS@R Accreditation Programme . 

Business Project News Summary

20240119 Large Chemical Group look for Glass-Lined Vessel HOT!20240114 North Europe needs 30 units of water pump HOT!20240109 USD Bioenergy company looking for 5-10MW Steam Turbine Units HOT!20240108 India ordering one batch of special timing belt HOT!20231216 Large Chemical Group looking for HDI/MDI Technology & Cooperating Production HOT!20220308 Italy Packaging Company Tianjin Plant Upgrading HOT!20231214 Middle East Gas Turbine Parts Purchasing HOT!20231213 Zhejiang Industrial Park Energy Saving and Storage Project HOT!20231212 Jiangsu Cogeneration Plant Demolishing and Reconstructing Project  HOT!20231111 Africa Liquid Bulk Transportation Port Construction Project HOT!20231025 Electronic Manufacturing Company GMP Glean Room Project in Zhejiang HOT!20231003 Nigeria Cosmetics Factory Overhaul & Preventive Maintenance Program  HOT!20230926 USA V8 Engine Case Part Purchasing Project  HOT!20230924 Hydrogen filling Station Compressor Purchasing Project HOT!20230915 Africa Power Plant Overhaul Parts Purchasing  HOT!20230914 2000KW Large Diesel Engine Replaced Purchasing HOT!20230906 Middle-East Oil Refinery Asphalt Processing Plant Project HOT!20230902 Europe Company 2nd-hand Machine Equipment Relocating Project HOT!20230826 Shanghai Manufacturing Energy Costing Evaluation and Assessment Project  20230825 Russia Bio-waste Power Generation Project HOT!20230822 Micro DC Motor Purchasing 20230819 Africa Bioenergy Power Generation Project HOT!20230817 Large Brewery Packaging Line Overhaul Project HOT!20230718 Belgium Pharmaceutical Project Anti-Corrosion Pump Purchasing20230704 British Industrial Project Valve Procurement  20230615 Tobacoo Manufacturing Plant Automation Production line Project 20230610 Industrial Building Solar Energy Storage Developing Project   HOT!20230515 Europe Company investment project early-stage survey in Croatia HOT!

20230513 Chinese Company early-stage factory investment survey in Serbia HOT!20230511 Italy Company New Production EPC Expansion Project in Shanghai HOT!20230508 Nigeria LPG Gas Transportation Pipeline EPC Project HOT!20230507 South Africa GEM Mining Production Line EPC Project HOT!9th SCS Accreditation Conference Meeting successfully in Hangzhou NEW!20230416 North Europe Company Taijin Electronic Grade Clean Room starts construction NEW20230411 North Europe Company Guangzhou GMP Clean Room Project Completed by Commercial Acceptance NEW20230323 Europe Company Russia Chemical Project Process Control Instrument Equipment Purchasing HOT!20230312 Ningbo Electronic Company Automation Production line upgrading HOT!20230310 Zhejiang Home Appliance Company Static Testing Laboratory EPC project HOT!20230228 Shanghai Foreign School Innovation Project HOT!20230221 North Europe Company will build up Three New Factory Plants in Zhejiang, Sichuan & Inner Mongolia HOT!20230217 French-Indonesia Nickle-Lithium Mine Smelting Mill Sea Water Desalination EPC Project HOT!

20230211 Sweden Company Machinery Units relocated into Asia Factory HOT!20230210 Large State-owned group Diesel Generator VOC Control & new purchasing HOT!20230207 Mongolia Heavy Mine Truck Engine Purchasing

20230205 Zhejiang Hydro-Storage EPC Project 

20230116 Denmark Tianjin Company Water Purification Process Unit HOT!20230112 Vietnam New Energy Project Electrical System EPC Contracting8th SCS Conference Meeting is held in Shanghai on August 27th, 2022 Smoothly
20221019 Mexico Airport Expansion EPC Project20221022 Argentina Oil-field Drilling Rod Purchasing 20220831 Europe UOP PSA Hydrogen ,CCR, Petrochemical Seaport Terminal VOC Control Projects looking for SUECS SCS Accreditation 3rd Party Service HOT!7th SCS Conference Meeting is held in Qingdao on June 18th, 2022 Successfully

20220614 Saudi Arabic Desalination Project Sea Water Pumps Purchasing