SUECS Industrial Project Managing Service 
Most Companies may not often find project, and have limited experience on how to find Right people, knowledge and necessary resources, we may help and support on:
1. Concept Raising & Completing;
2. Information Searching, Collecting & Studying;
3. Needs, Voices, Requirement Verifying & Communicating;
4. Cost Estimating, Scheme Optimizing & Quality Plan Improving; 
5. Official Permitting & Contracting NCR Risk Evaluating & Control;
6. 6.1 PEP Project Execution Plan-Schedule Deliverables, Cost, Quality, Safety and Change/Difference Managing
6.1 PEP Project Execution Plan-Engineering Designing;
6.2. PEP Project Execution Plan-Project Procurement, Supply Sourcing, Verifying & Supervision;
6.3. PEP Project Execution Plan-Construction & Installation;
6.4. PEP Project Execution Plan-Quality Control, Performance Test Running;
7. Project Delivery to Operation;
8. After Delivery Supporting Service;

Since 2003, SUECS industrial technology have ushered and organized rich experienced SME professional veteran and supported and had successfully serviced large numbers of engineering, technical or investment projects in worldwide different industries.
Category of SUECS Servicing Industrial Projects 
I. New Construction & Expansion Project; 
II. R&D New Process Developing & Verifying; 
III. MRO Improvement, Retrofit & Expansion; 
IV. NPI New Product Introducing and Technology Transfers; 
V. M&A Merger & Acquisition 

Appendix I: SCS Accreditation Programme
                    -Industrial Project Management Service

New Construction & Expansion 

We can provide whole process 3rd Party project management service, or Tailored for Fit solution supports for specific topics upon client's requesting.
Conceptual: At this stage, it mainly collects each ideas and various information, and make due evaluation and find all-agreed proposal plan; It believes that our Global SME Intelligence Pool would help and assist mostly, which will be included of but not limited to Major Technologies, Supplies & Resources; Major Planning & Cost Estimate.
StudyingThis stage it needs to investigate and verify each project information correct and available, and further then to conduct multi-solution evaluation and optimization. We can provide supports and help on Site Selection & Application Permitting, Technology Acquiring and verification, Supplies Sourcing & Investigating, Invite for Proposal, Local Investment conditions and environments such as utilities, policy, law & Regulations, and etc;
EngineeringThis is working out Construction Engineering Design Drawings & information Details. We can help up on client requirement and specification details communicating & verifying,  design drawing document confirmation & clarification to each related parties, change management and difference/dispute coordinating;
ProcurementBasically we can provide 3rd party supports and help on 1) Supplier Sourcing or Verifying, ITB (Invite to Bidding), RFQ Request for Quotation; 2) Negotiating & Contracting; 3) (Especially Far-away) Fabricating, Manufacturing Process & Delivery Supervision; Installation, Training & Afterwards Customer Service, and etc.  
Construction1) we can provide each kind of on-site project managing or supervision persons; 2) we can provide support service on official permits, on-site contractor managing, remote supplier fabricating and delivery supervision, project change and difference management, urgent and emergency supports.
CommissioningWe can support on Test and Start-up Operation Preparing, Plant Operation & Maintenance System (SOP, Spare Parts, Filing & Documentation), Staff Recruiting & Training and afterwards service;

R&D Process Development & Verifying

During last decade years, our SUECS Industrial Technology had been collaborated with various kinds of professional R&D Organizations or laboratories from worthy-trusted companies, reputed universities or fruited Technology Institutes, and we are able to provide wholly new technology study project or solid supports upon client's needs as followings:
i. New Technology Developing: Computerised Process Simulating or Formulating; 
ii. Technology Verifying: Modelling & Prototyping, Laboratory Testing & Pilot Run Verifying;
iii. Test Laboratory, Unit Preparing: New Build-up, Renew or Refurbish, Condition Verifying;
iv. SME Expertise: Providing Specialist Manpower supporting;

MRO Improvement: Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

SUECS is committed to develop new generation of MRO Maintenance System in collaboration with SIVECO China, LIHE Engineering and more localized engineering service companies. Basically SUECS is focusing on Customer Needs Surveying and Searching, SIVECO China is taking care of Tailored for Fit Computerized Maintenance Configuration Solution & Data Information Handling Management System, LIHE Engineering and others is responsible of daily localized customer site responding & supporting service.  
1) PPM: Build up Plant Planned Maintenance System; 
2) MRO Spare Parts: Establish up socialized Spare Parts Stocking and Sourcing Platform;
3) Preventive: Carry out Preventive Maintenance Work or supervision; 
4) Quick Response: Provide Quick Trouble Shooting, Urgent Repairs and Emergency Supports


NPI New Technology Introducing & Transferring

Sometimes it is easier to introduce or buy one existing technology other than self-study everything from zero. Surely our SUECS can help up too, such as:
1) Sourcing & Soliciting: Help our client to find out necessary technology worldwidely;
2) Transfer Contract: help to communicate due specification requirements and commercial contract agreements;
3) Re-Engineering: Redesign or Rebuild for new application;

M&A Merger and Acquisition, Investment

There are too many M&A or New Investment project examples which are failed to not enough diligence investigation on technical aspects or later on culture conflicts.  our SCS Accreditation Programme is greatly helpful for various kinds of M&A Project or New Investment Diligence Investigation and Verification.
1) Early-stage Survey: Collect and Acquire early stage information;
2) Verification: Q&A Questionnaire & Individual Interview; Operation Procedure, System & Records; Specific Case & NCR Risk Audit; 
3) Negotiating & Contracting: communicate all requests and claims, balance all difference and reach all agreements;
4) Supervise transition process: manage and supervise all transactions and ensure whole transition process smoothly;
5) Structure Reorganizing: rebuild new corporate culture and rearrange operating organization and work targets and task, make sure it working well;

SUECS Industrial Technology_SCS Accreditation Programme