Market Developing, Customer Supports & Supply Management

Global Market Developing

After 20 years of our consistent efforts, except of Global SUECS Industrial Technology Service Network (based upon professional SME veteran), we have also introduced of SCS Accreditation Programme, such as 5S/7P Market Development Strategy and specially help SCS@R Accredited Products develop worldwide market! We can provide more Tailored for Fit Marketing Solution Service upon different customer needs:1. Fully Systemic Market Promoting in whole regional or worldwide areas;2. Help Key Account introducing;3. Assist on Hard Project Progressing;More about SUECS 5S/7P Marketing Strategy Matrix, please see following Appendix I

Appendix I: SCS Accreditation Programme-5R/7P Marketing Strategy

Far-away Customer Supports

As of modern hi-tech integrated and complicated, industry users always ask immediate customer service. However, most companies may not provide wholly supporting service, so that more and more of them are asking for market customer collaboration with our SCS 3rd Party Technology Service system to help their customer needs perfectly!Upon customer needs, we can provide more options of our localized supporting services, such as:1. Long-term engineer/specialist supporting at customer work site;2. Whole region area contracted;3. Specific Project On-site Service;4. Call for Urgent or Emergency;

Remote Supply Fabricating Supervision

Supply NCR Non Compliance or Conformity Risk Control is one essential but very challenging work for business operations,  especially on managing various of supply contractors at other locations. Similarly our SUECS is capable of providing remote supply fabricating QC Supervision and Delivery Tests, such as SAT, FAT works.We can accept whole or key works of Four Main Stage, such as:1. Early-stage Investigation, Verification, Pre-qualification;2. Contracting Risk Evaluating;3. Supporting Service on Execution such as Fabrication, Installation, Performance Testing;4. After Sales & Delivery Supporting Service;More about our Supply NCR Risk control, please see following Appendix II

Appendix II: SCS Accreditation Programme-Supply Process Management


SUECS are able to provide 3rd party Independent Supply Outsourcing & On-site Audit, even Special Background Investigation by our Global SCS@SME Professional System.

Notes:  Non-conformity findings

1) Wrong or Outdated License or Misuse Permits;

2) Unacceptable sub-contracting...

3) Company Difference: New Owner or Management, Key People loosing...

SCS Accreditation Programme
SCS Accredited Product Categories


SUECS will enhance direct Supply and Customer communication since first moment, and can provide technology specification communicating supports and risk review by our highly experience SCS@SME Professional from each industries;
  1. -Specification Requirements Communicating & Verifying;
  2. -Proposal Review & Technology Validation;
  3. -Contract Gaps/Disputes Negotiation; 
  4. -Contract Confirming: NCR Risk Assessment;

Notes: Non-Conformity findings

1) Confused Communication on Specification Requirements;

2) Unaffordable NCR, irrational Low-pricing Risk, Uncontrolled Sub-contracting or other Poison Contract Pitfalls...

3) No agreement method on future unexpected Changes...

4) Unclear Role Task & Responsibilities...

Global SME Professional System


We can carry out remote fabricating process supervision and quality inspection test by our worldwide SME system.
  1. -Work Execution & Deliverables Planning Review;
  2. -Remote Supply Site Condition Survey and Workshop Audit Verifying;
  3. -Incoming materials, parts, components quality control inspection
  4. -Fabricating Process Supervision, Quality Check and Testing;
  5. -Remote Fabricating process check, inspection or SAT, FAT, SIT tests;
  6. -Remote Supply or Customer site Change Supporting and delivery coordinating;

Notes: Common Non-Conformity findings
1) off-spec steel materials, reused rubber plastics components, recovered electrical device or cables, repaired bearings, valves, gear parts, and etc;
2) Not enough control on surface cleaning, painting or lubricating, welding & bevelling, Assembling, Calibrating, Testing & Checking...
3) No working condition managing, especially with highly risk on fire, explosion, safety, health, environmental or people problems;



After delivery, we can provide wholly or partly supports on follows by our experienced SME loaclly.
  1. -Installation & Performance Testing Supports;
  2. -Operating Preparation: Program & People Training, Safety Review, Work Permitting;
  3. -After-on New Requirements, Change & Improvement, Renewal or Modification, Spare Parts, and etc; 

Notes: Non-Conformity findings
1) No local Supporting Service;
2) No Spare or Repair Parts Supply;
3) No Future Warranty Supports (Supplier too small to find at next year);

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