SUECS, SIVECO China & LIHE work together on NEW MRO Strategy

SIVECO take care of technical data handling and processing, LIHE are ready to provide O&M on-customer-site responding and supporting activities, SUECS is responsible of worldwide SME Resources organizing and 3rd Party Accredited Quality Assurance and Project Management. 

Modern industries are quite complicated engineering technology integrated plant systems, many company would like to invest expansive plant equipment system and but also need to improve their maintenance strategy, such as:

Notes:It is indicated that 70 % of Industrial Severity Accident come from improper and poor equipment maintenance. Not so many companies has reasonable evaluation on years-used equipment performance and reliability.

Remind friendly:It is estimated that Good Planned Maintenance can improve equipment overall availability and productivity by 40% up.  It means that good maintenance planning can improve some plant capacity double.

3)Maintenance Cost

Remind friendlyIndustrial Plants will spend around 3-12% of overall equipment investment value at direct maintenance cost yearly upon different maintenance strategies. It is definite that you will see the big difference between good and poor maintenance plan as which is eating your net profit directly in comparison of average 8% industrial profit. 

4)Maintenance ConfigurationIt is not easy to meet one profession industrial engineering maintenance planning system software although you can see some commercial ones with maintenance module like ERP, MRP or others which was normally developed by Finance, IT or Logistics Commercial Persons other than Industrial Engineering Maintenance Professionals.

So that SUECS and SIVECO China will work together on next generation Industrial Planned Maintenance System upon SUECS Solid Industrial Practices and SIVECO CMMS Data Processing strengths.

 Overall Equipment Efficiency

This system is included of Data Sampling, Data Analysis & Data Evaluation
Data Sampling
During pasting 90 years of evolution, Coswin 8i Professional System (which is based upon CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System) has upgraded to 8th generation with very matured performance on discrete SCADA data sampling, analysis and calibration, and error redundancy capabilities even under various complicated industrial conditions, such as Corrosion, Moisture, Dusty, Vibration, High Temperature, Noisy, EMC, and other application environments.

Data Analysis 
Normal people cannot read any original data groups at all! Such Data have to be analysed, transferred and calibrated by professional data processing technology into normal readable Charts, Graphs or Interfaces. 

Data Evaluating

It is the key part of Intelligent Computer-Aided Data Evaluation and Decision-making system which is able to produce the most integrity solution package in correspond to current situation upon large industrial historic database and industrial hundreds years of common practices, and will definitely help top managers making correct decision each times.

  Planned Preventative Maintenance

There are three major strategies in industrial maintenance work, and it needs to plan and organise each activities reasonably upon each plant situation and task needs.  

I. Incidental: it is possible to repair, restore and maintain once any failure or stoppage recurred;

II. Preventative: To repair, replace and maintain based upon regular time period;

III. Predictive: To arrange probable repair or maintenance according to its operating conditions;


Fig 1. It is key to know the lifetime of each machine parts and then able to plan possible preventive period.

Fig 2. It doesn't  always need PREVENTIVE, and has to plan each maintenance work according to Incidental, Preventive & Predictive Strategies reasonably in order to implement efficiency/cost best.

Fig 3. Planned Maintenance WO Work Order System

1) SOP-Regular Standard Maintenance,such as Routine Inspection, Cleaning, Lubrication and Worn Parts replacement; 

2) Incidental shutdown or breakdown, (Urgent and emergency response upon FMEA mode or immediate action plan);

3) Large Overhaul Maintenance, which needs systemic planning on people, materials, scheme & schedule,  technical documentation, spare parts stock, work order, specific permitting and communicating;

4) Maintenance Reporting System, such as Down Time, Work Order Summary, Manhours and Cost, Work Efficiency, Maintenance Parts Stock, and People Safety & Training, and etc).
Remarks: It is one long-time continuous progressing process of each industrial maintenance technology, and due historic database is greatly helpful for future situation.

 Condition Diagnosis & Monitori

We have very rich industrial real time sensor tracing and series of condition monitoring technologies, such as Infrared Thermal Imaging, Ultrasonic, X-ray, Gamma-ray, Vibrating and Oil Spectrum Analysis Technology.

1) Large load Industrial Rotary Equipment, such as Turbine Compressor, Steam & Gas Turbine, High speed industrial Pumps, and etc.

2) Long distance industrial transportation pipeline;

3) Large power transformer and high voltage distribution system; 

4) Cryogenic equipment & pipeline system;

5) Underground, Insulated, Concealed works; 

Corrosion Conditional Monitoring at Oil Field

 Corrosion Protecting & ControlSUECS 在设备材料We have accumulated 40 years of solid experience on corrosion process equipment and condition monitoring and preventive technology :

1) Glass-lined Process Equipment, as Chemical Stirred Reactor, Pressure Vessel, Column and Parts;

2) Graghite Heat Exchanger, Chemical Column Parts; 

3) Silicon Carbide Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, and pipelines; 

 Industrial Automation & Robotics

SUECS has solid experience practice on industrial automation whatever on SCADA based DCS Discrete Integrated Control System or PLC logic based Automation Production lines and Industrial Robotics Interface System

Friendly Reminds:Suddenly everybody welcomes the coming of industrial robotics, but few of people is thinking about how to maintain and repair such machines and how much they will spend on that each year in future. Of course, you can easily call original supplier once anything happened during warranty period, but how about after then? 

GMP & FDA Hygiene Engineering 

SUECS has good GMP & FDA Hygiene Engineering Experience too, such as 4Q Qualification (URS User Requirement Specification, DQ Design, IQ Installation, OQ, Operation , PQ Performance, MQ, Maintenance, CQ Component Qualification) or PCO Pesticide Control Operation even EO Ethylene Oxide, Radio Sterilization.

Remind Friendly:It finds that many companies asked consulting organisation fully help and acquired GMP Certification firstly , but cannot acquire secondary audit and even present ones are suspended due to improper documentation managing and most original records lost lately. Some company might be not recognised by major customer audit, or causes process contamination, in-process batch materials off-spec and discarded, and even customer poisoning accident mainly in result of poor maintenance management.