SCS Accreditation Programme 

Professional, Independent & Reliable

It includes of FOUR grades of SCS Accreditation Programme such as situation:

SCS@1 Essential Information

such as Operating Permits, Workshop facilities, People, Equipment & Business Status;

SCS@2 Planning & Organizing Capabilities

Planning, Organizing, Flow Procedure, History Records & Risk Control

SCS@3 Project Execution in Practice 

Real Project Execution:1)Start;2)Process;3)Delivery;4)Change Managing;

SCS@4 Accredited & SustainableAt least Three consensus SCS@III Project Certificates;

APPENDIX: SEVEN major Applications by SCS Accreditation Programme
Application I:OEM Original Product Company CertifyingThis mainly help small/middle company show due Pre-Qualification Certificate and Audit Document to New Market Customers!Most customers have no chance to come and check all things at contract supply sites. As of global 3rd party industrial technology group, our SUECS able to conduct due Audit & Verification in accordance with SCS Accreditation Programme professionally. Our SCS Accredited Certificate is widely recognized and reputed as purpose of supply contract pre-qualification process.Major Audit Facts:1) if any inconsistence in introducing materials against with actual condition?2) Current Operation Situation and History (if any major crisis or incidents?);3) Non-Conformity findings and Improvement Action Plan;Case I:Doute Packaging Materials found SCS@R Accredited for 4 consecutive years

Application II: Contract Supply Fabricating Process SupervisionThis mainly help buyer companies to check and supervise equipment fabricating process on site!Few buyer can send experienced specialists to check and supervise due whole contract manufacturing & fabricating process. our SUECS cannot only help client to carry out QC matters but also handle due spec communication or unplanned issues, such as:1) Worksite Condition Preparation Check (especially at remote locations);2) Incoming materials, parts, components Quality Control Inspection;3) Fabricating process check, inspection or SAT, FAT, SIT tests ;4) Change Managing & Difference Handling;

Notes: Major NCR Non-Conformity Findings

1) off-spec steel materials, reused rubber plastics components, recovered electrical device or cables, repaired bearings, valves, gear parts, and etc;

2) Not enough control on surface cleaning, painting or lubricating, welding & bevelling, Assembling, Calibrating, Testing & Checking...

3) Higher EHS Risk, No work safety or personnel protection;

Case II: SUECS and Some Europe Company found up Contract Agreement on 3rd Party Remote Equipment Supply Supervision Service

Application III: Independent Incident Investigation
This mainly help managers to acquire first-hand information immediately! 
Once unplanned or unexpected issue happened, manager are so eager to know what really happening/happened there? What are the Facts or Truths? SUECS are very experienced to make due fast and in-depth investigation and professional study reports, and had ever helped many client companies to improve unfriendly situation and whole win completely.   

Application IV: NCR Non-Conformity Risk AuditFight to Non-Compliance, Non-Conformity or Non-EffectivenessIt needs to introduce 3rd-party Audit as internal self-check may not work well in result of inner difficult relationship or small group protecting sometimes. SUECS will definitely keep our professionalism of Independence and Objectiveness so as to check out all Root Causes and send all Fact Truths to direct management.Major Non-conformity Findings: Bureaucratic & IrresponsibleRemarks: Definitely it needs trusting people!  Does not make trouble by Audit everyday, ONLY except of organization loss function.
Application V: SCS Accredited Cooperating or Collaborating Verification 

Before & During Verification for SUECS Strategic Collaboration! 
Definitely we need partners! especially for strategic partnership. However, SUECS have full sets of SCS Accreditation Programme for all kinds of cooperating or collaborating partners, such as contractor, supplier, regional agents and distributors, SME personnels, and etc.  

Application VI: Investment, Merger & Acquisition due Diligence It is easy to Acquire but difficult to merger!It is easy to spend money but hard to know if them valuable...Too many invest-in or buy-bye projects fail into big trouble mainly in shortage of precise technical survey and careful project study.  We, our SUECS may have less chance to participate beginning happy talk but did help many companies getting out of Transferring or Mergering hardship.For Examples:i. Some bought and paid for whole factory but it finds the new owner has no qualification to apply local business licence or needed industrial permit;ii. Some bought manufacturing company but key person will not hand over core technical and production data which mainly support new products innovation;iii. Some bought process facilities but it finds critical equipment with confused repair and maintenance history records, and cannot acquire official operating permit. Application VII: Professional Capabilities Development Everybody is potential but limited! Normally We will not ask untrained people to support our customer projects as mostly untrained individual may have strong knowledge but has less idea on how to work with others well in our SCS Accreditation Programme System and service our clients perfectly...

SCS@SME Professional Developing Stages

SME 1:Able to work assisting job;

SME 2Able to work independently;

SME 3:Able to lead small work team (3-9 persons);

SME 4:Able to lead a large work group (>9 persons);

SME 5Capable of managing multi-functional and complicated task teams;

SME 6 Capable of handling external corporate environmental resources and acquire successful business.

SME 7:  Able to make business plan and achieve due targets;

SME 8:  Able to create new business strategy and make remarkable achievements;

Since 2003, we were developing SCS Accredited Professional capability Development System, and will give series of Tailored for Fit Professional Training upon each person situation and individual developing plan. Of course, we will utilize our well-trained specialists to service our customers, such as:
1. To support client's short-period project talent needs;2. Provide Independent background Investigation to Client's New Hirings;3. Give Independent Assessment to Client New Promoting Candidates;4. Make Individual Capabilities Developing Model Plan to Critical Person or High Potential Employee